Keratoconus FAQs

Keratoconus is a condition of the cornea that can severely impact vision. Learn more about keratoconus and how to address it through these FAQs answered by the experts at All About Eyez. 

Keratoconus FAQs

What is keratoconus?

The cornea has two main functions. It is a clear layer that protects your eyes from things like germs, dirt, and UV rays. It is also responsible for bending and focusing the light that enters your eye. A healthily shaped cornea will ensure that you can see well. Keratoconus is a condition in which the cornea, which should be round, forms into a cone shape. While the root cause is not yet known, it is agreed that this cone takes shape due to the eye’s collagen protein fibers weakening. As this occurs, the cornea no longer retains its natural shape.  

What are the symptoms?

Sadly, keratoconus can produce some extreme vision problems, including blurry and distorted vision, double vision, and more. This can make it hard to read, drive, play sports, enjoy your favorite TV show, and even work. Additionally, it can make sufferers very sensitive to light, leading to chronic headaches.  

Will keratoconus cause blindness?

Keratoconus is not known to cause full blindness, but it can significantly impair your vision and lead to partial blindness. The sooner you address it, the more likely your chance of successful keratoconus treatment.  

What should I do if I think I have it?

Schedule an appointment with your optometrist immediately. When keratoconus is detected and addressed early enough, there is a chance of restoring normal vision. By visiting your eye doctor in Downey, CA as soon as possible, you are giving yourself the highest chances of success.    

What keratoconus treatment options are available?

Keratoconus can be treated through both surgical and non-surgical methods. Our optometrist will aim for non-invasive treatments first, which include eyeglasses and specialized contact lenses. If these conservative approaches fail to provide the desired results, surgical procedures like corneal crosslinking and corneal inserts might be used. Our eye doctor can recommend the best course of action after an eye exam.  

Schedule a Keratoconus Evaluation with Our Eye Doctor in Downey, CA

If you’re concerned you might have keratoconus or you have been diagnosed already and would like to learn more about treatment options, schedule your eye exam at All About Eyez by calling (562) 869-3937 today.

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