Dry Eye

If your eyes have become dry, it usually comes down to two main reasons. The first is that the tear film over the front of your eyes is not present in enough volume. The other is that the tear film isn't composed well enough. A proper tear film should have three layers that work together to keep the eyes lubricated. When this doesn't happen, there can be a variety of irritating symptoms that cause pain and discomfort. If you live in or around Downey and are experiencing dry eye syndrome, contact All About Eyez to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.

The Causes of Dry Eye

The main cause of dry eye is when the oil glands in the eyelid are blocked and do not release oil into the tear film.  This affects the correct composition of the tear film and causes the tears to dry out. Hormonal changes like menopause can also change the composition of your tear film and cause dry eye. 

Dry eye can also be caused by spending a lot of time in a highly air-conditioned room or in front of a fan. If you work on a computer you may blink less, which can mean that your tear film will dry out too quickly. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, can also result in dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Symptoms

There are a lot of symptoms that you may experience if you have dry eye. Many people first notice that their eyes feel dry and tired. They may feel gritty or itchy or they may sting and burn. You might see halos around bright lights, or your eyes may turn red. Many people have their ability to see at night affected as well.

Treating Dry Eye

Dry eye treatment is essential so that you can get back to your normal life without the pain and inflammation that dry eye causes. You first need an eye exam from an optometrist to have your dry eye properly diagnosed. At All About Eyez optometry, we offer testing and treatment options using a device called iLux to unblock the oil glands in the lid. We also offer many home remedies to relieve symptoms of dry eye.

Contact Our Eye Doctor in Downey, CA

Dry eye syndrome can range from a mild annoyance to quite painful. Dr. Nasr and our team at All About Eyez are here to help when you are experiencing dry eye symptoms. Call our team today at 562-869-3937 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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