Dry Eye

Dr Nasr provides screening for dry eyes as part of our routine eye exam. Some patients have Meibomian gland dysfunction which is the hallmark of dry eye syndrome but do not experience any symptoms . Our meiboman scan provides as a diagnostic tool to uncover this condition. We also offer ilux which is a specialty treatment offered for patients with dry eye syndrome. We have seen great results in improving patient symptoms such as burning , grittiness , watery eyes , itchy eyes and dryness after they undergo this treatment. Ilux is a quick 30 minute pain free treatment done in office by Dr Nasr herself. The health of meibomian glands ( oil glands in the eyelid ) greatly improve after the treatment and it is usually recommended to repeat ilux once per year to Maintain the results . Schedule a free consult to learn more and please watch the YouTube video provided to gain some more info about dry eyes and the treatment we offer here at our office.

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